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# self-cleaning meshes

➲  "zig-zag"

TYPE Z (DIN 4185/3)

Woven wire anti clogging mesh with longitudinal wires crimped within the panel surface, flexible polyurethane cross bingings for highly abrasive materials.

Anti clogging effect is achieved by the absence of any contact between the warp wires and natural oscillation caused by the feed material beating on the screen surface.

This type of mesh is particularly effective in applications where precision and accuracy are critical, such as in the production of aggregates for construction purposes. The zig-zag pattern allows for maximum flow through the mesh, ensuring that even the smallest particles are removed effectively. This results in a cleaner, more consistent final product that meets the highest standards for quality and performance.

In conclusion, self-cleaning meshes are a game-changer for quarries and mining facilities looking to optimize their operations and increase efficiency.

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For sticky, hard to sieve, moist materials.


  • flat surface
  • designed for small or sticky materials
  • large opening area
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