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# self-cleaning meshes

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TYPE Q (DIN 4185/3)

Woven wire self-cleaning mesh with longitudinal wires crimped within the panel surface, flexible polyurethane cross bindings for highly abrasive materials and diagonal aligned square opening. One of the key benefits of the standard self-cleaning mesh is its ability to remove impurities without clogging or blocking the mesh. This ensures consistent flow of material and reduces downtime for cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, the mesh is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the quarry and mining environment, making it durable and long-lasting. Anti-clogging and anti-plugging effect is achieved by natural vibration and cutting effect of the wires, caused by the feed material beating on the screen surface.


For sticky, hard to sieve materials, where clogging occures at the intersections of the wires in conventional screens.


  • flat surface
  • excellent capacity
  • longer life time
  • high classification accuracy
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